Friday, 7 October 2011

Saving it for the bottom drawer

                                         In times gone by,a girl would spend all her waking hours
                                                 stitching intricate designs onto linens and lace .
                                                    to be placed in her bottom drawer
                                   along with all her hopes and dreams of marriage and motherhood.
                                                  Pristine, immaculate, perfectly pressed.
                                                every stitch and stamen a longing for love.
                                                What if the drawer were to become stuck,
                                                     what if it were never to be opened?
                             If she was to fall in there and be trapped amongst the doilies and damasks
                                       she might expire between the heavy folds of a bedspread.
                                                 If only someone could ruffle things up a lttle
                                                    to spill a little colour amongst the pale.
                                             Where is the passion ,or will that come later,
                                                                  If it comes at all.

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